RPi Solar Monitor Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Definitions: PVeducation.com refers to the website and its owners\operators.

Only sales, payments, and ship to address in the USA will be processed.

The material provided is manufacturer by others PVeducation.com is not responsible or liable for the safe operation of the equipment supplied.

Limitation of liability with respect to any claim against PVeducation.com shall not exceed 5% of the purchase price of such goods.

Price and availability subject to change.

Images may vary from what is shown on website.

Return Policy

If the unit arrives and doesn’t operate to meet your expectations simple return it for a refund. You have only 10 days once the unit is received to qualify for this return. Contact me for an RMA via email address provided after your order was placed. You will have to cover the costs of the return and you will have only 5 days to return the unit to me in the same condition received. Save all the boxes and instructions as everything but the shipping box must be returned in a new condition to quality for a full refund. Partial refunds will be provided based on the condition of the returned materials. Failure to make any such claim after 10 days shall constitute acceptance of the goods.


Warranties PVeducation.com makes no warranty expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any implied warranty as to merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose or otherwise, concerning goods sold hereunder. Purcher’s sole remedy with respect to defective goods purchased hereunder shall be limited to pursuing warranty claims against the manufacturer of such goods. PVeducation.com hereby assigns to purchaser all rights and warranty claims which it may have against the manufacturers of goods sold by it hereunder.