Welcome to PVeducation.com.  This site is designed to teach you about Solar Electric Systems of all different types.

I am currently in the solar electric industry and a good part of what I do is to share knowledge with the customers that I work with and this is the foundation of this website. I want to share the practical knowledge that I have learned over the years with everyone. This site is design to be a straightforward guide to all things solar electric and I am creating it based on personal experience and my practical knowledge. PVeducation.com is for solar installers, students, homeowners, and end users of all types. I hope that you will find this site a foundation of knowledge presented from a straight forward point of view. My plan is to cut through the hype and marketing provided by manufacturers to provide you an unbiased point of view.  I will be creating short topics to make finding and reading the information you want easy. If you want a complete solar education, be sure to read everything.  Please stop back often as new content will be added on a regular basis.

If you have any suggestions, I am totally open to your ideas so please click on the above contact form and let me know your thoughts.