Michael Howell
Product Manager --- Renewable Energy Systems at United Electric Supply
Baltimore, Maryland Area | Renewables and Environment

I am a solar electric systems expert with 29+ years of real world industry experience. I have spent a vast majority of that time designing solutions for customers’ photovoltaic needs. I specialize in designing systems for every application of solar including off grid, residential, commercial, and utility scale systems. My extensive knowledge and experiences with systems of all shapes, sizes, and types is the value I bring to my customers to help them succeed.

My career in solar started in 1989 working for a solar installer and equipment distributor for 14 years. I later used my extensive installation knowledge at AstroPower to manage their east coast installations and train their network on solar installers. While at GE Energy I was the applications engineering team leader overseeing all solar system designs, lead trainer and provided customer and sales support. While at GE Energy I trained over 550 of United Electric’s customers as they started their solar product group. I found United Electric’s vision of distributing solar very appealing and joined them to become their Solar Product Manager.

Product Manager --- Renewable Energy Systems (2011 - Present)
United Electric Supply
Privately Held, 201-500, Wholesale

As a product manager at United Electric my main focus is on the customer. We provide expertly design solutions for our customers and focus on the customers success with the understanding that if our customer is not successful, we will not be successful. Our value proposition is to be the lowest total cost supplier to our customers. We do this by having accurate inventories of the right equipment, by providing rock solid system designs, by saving the customer time, by delivering equipment on time, by having a quality system in place that fosters continuous improvements as we eliminate errors and by being the easiest most reliable equipment supplier imaginable.

My role as product manager includes building vendor relationships, selecting the best quality equipment, ensuring we have the equipment in stock, setting prices, marketing the solar group, system designs, equipment support, training, sales, and project management.



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